Availability to work as a freelance writer, editor, consultant, teacher or mentor. All about me and my professional experiences can be found on my LinkedIn. Here are some some details about me. 


Life transformed me into an axolotl: an endemic species from Mexico capable of regenerating every part of its body. Thriving through self-regeneration.

I attended Tecnológico de Monterrey where I majored in International Relations and studied a Minor in Government and Public Transformation at Yale University during my senior year.

I am deeply passionate about politics, feminism, writing, and dancing. I learned how to pirouette before I could successfully walk, ballet is one of my greatest passions and it has made me into a strong, disciplined, creative young woman. I was a teacher of Ballet Folklórico Mexicano at Yale and proudly shared my Mexican roots through dance.

Writing is my passion. My letters to Santa Claus and los Reyes Magos were my first methods of practice, eventually at 16, I won a national writing and public speaking competition.  The first piece I ever published was an article about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it was for my university’s digital magazine. From then onward I decided to specialize in international politics and feminism. I became a staff writer at The Yale Globalist and The Politic, and have been published in Anxy Magazine, Oraculus Mexico, and Merion West.

The summer before starting university a handsome man with bushy eyebrows introduced me to the world of competitive debate. I debated for about 4 years and became PanAmerican Champion in 2016. I was a part of the Adjudication Team, Organization Committee, and the Equity Team at several national and international competitions. Competitive debate taught me about the importance of team work, friendship, argumentation, self-belief, and  perseverance.

Currently I work as a researcher and analyst at a prestigious consulting firm, where I am also a part of the Women’s Network and LGBTQ+ ally organization. Additionally, I still develop projects to measure gender violence in universities. Having lots of fun in spinning and ballet classes and eating sushi on a weekly basis. 

  • Bachelor in International Relations from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Estado de México (ITESM CEM). Minor in Government and Public Transformation.
  • Honors graduate and Best Grade Average of 2018 Class.
  • Alumno Integral Prize (overall best student) Class 2018.
  • Yale University Visiting Student 2017-2018.
  • PanAmerican Debate Champion 2016, Jamaica.
  • A part of the Organizing Committee and Adjudication Team of over 8 national and international debating tournaments.
  • Published author in US magazines and media outlets.
  • Workshop teacher on
  • Researcher and analyst at a risk consultancy.

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